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Computational model predicting ligand-specific protein binding-sites

AIgenDrug Co. Ltd., Seoul

Interpretation of Ensemble-based kinase-ligand prediction method

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Incorporating a ’chemist’ perspective inside algorithms
’Interpretable’ drug-target interaction prediction tools
Embedding space of protein structures
Bio & Health Informatics Lab, SNU

Prebiotic peptide ligation & synthesis of homocystamine

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Organic chemists’ approach on biochemical molecules
Pre-biotic peptide ligation in water: without protein & RNA
Synthesis of homocystamine via ring-opening
Laboratory of Protometabolism & Prebiotic Chemistry, UCL

Synthesis of Perpendicular Directed Molecular Building Block

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Design & synthesis of organic perpendicular building-block
Chracterization via Xtal and fluorescence assay
Expansion via Pd-catalyzed coupling
Stimuli-Responsive Chemical Systems Lab, SNU

Characterization and Engineering of Novel Omega-Ester Containing Peptides

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DNA cloning, protein expression, and activity assays
Extensive MATLDI-TOF for peptide topology determination
Fluorescence assay for protein activity analysis
Laboratory of Proteolytic Systems, SNU


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Genome Mining Reveals High Topological Diversity of w-Ester-Containing Peptides and Divergent Evolution of ATP-Grasp Macrocyclases

Hyunbin Lee, Mingyu Choi, Jung-un Park, Heejin Roh, Seokhee Kim
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2020 [Link(ACS)]

Conference Presentations

Developing a Geometrically Perpendicular Organic “Turn” Motif

Jun.2019 | Seoul, Korea
Undergraduate Research Conference, SNU Chemistry
Outstanding Research Presentation : 1st Prize
Poster will be uploaded after publication.

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Cross-Reactivity of Microviridin-like RiPPs and Generation of Multi-Cyclic Peptides [pdf]

Jun.2018 | Seoul, Korea
Undergraduate Research Conference, SNU Chemistry
Outstanding Research Presentation : 2nd Prize

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Discovery and Characterization of Novel Microviridin-like RiPPs [pdf]

Dec.2017 | Seoul, Korea
Undergraduate Research Conference, SNU Chemistry

Society Participation

The 2021 Annual Conference of Korean Society for Bioinformatics (BIOINFO 2021)

Oct.2021 | Seoul, Korea

2019 KCS Inorganic Chemistry Division Summer Symposium(INORG2019)

Jun.2019 | Busan, Korea
Tutorial Session Participant: Electrochemisry lecture & Gaussion tutorial session.

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