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Hi, I'm MinGyu!

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I am a researcher at AIgenDrug, Republic of Korea. I am currently studying interactions between proteins and drug molecules using graphtransformers combined with graph pooling and subgraph mining techniques. During my undergraduate career, I studied and researched at Bio & Health informatics lab (Summer, 2021, SNU), Laboratory of Proteometabolism & Prebiotic Chemistry (Summer, 2019, UCL), Stimuli-Responsive Chemical Systems Lab (Winter and Spring, 2019, SNU), and Laboratory of Proteolytic Systems (A year, 2017-2018, SNU). The Korean Foundation of Advanced Studies (KFAS) will fully support my graduate study.

Research Interests & Goals

Integrating computer science with natural sciences for the ultimate goal of developing alternative representations explaining Nature


Genome Mining Reveals High Topological Diversity of w-Ester-Containing Peptides and Divergent Evolution of ATP-Grasp Macrocyclases
Hyunbin Lee, Mingyu Choi, Jung-un Park, Heejin Roh, Seokhee Kim
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2020)

EnsDTI-kinase: A web-server for ensemble prediction of kinase-inhibitor interactions
Yijingxiu Lu, Sangsoo Lim, Sungjoon Park, MinGyu Choi, ChangYun Cho, Sun Kim
(Under review at Bioinformatics)

On Modeling and Utilizing Chemical Compound Information with Deep Learning Technologies : A Task-oriented Approach
Sangsoo Lim, Sangseon Lee, Eunhwa Park, MinGyu Choi, Junghyun Gu, Dongmin Bang, Sun kim
(under review at Comput. Struct. Biotechnol. J.

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